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Yuan Yang: Mediocre and Overpriced

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The opening of the freshly renovated Lee Tung Avenue in Wan Chai came with a lot of new restaurants, one of which was Yuan Yang. If you’re familiar with the popular chain Tsui Wah, you’ll know that it’s a glorified cha chaan teng, aka tea cafe. Yuan Yang is just a glorified Tsui Wah with even fancier decorations and an even pricier menu. Though they have lunch sets, they currently lack dinner sets, so everything must be ordered a la carte if you’re not here for lunch. That means you have to pay in full for their premiumly-priced dishes. Was it worth it? (more…)


T’ang Court: Two Michelin Stars of Disappointment

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On Sunday, November 23rd, I had a reservation at T’ang Court, an award-winning restaurant in the famous Langham Hotel of Tsim Sha Tsui. Such a distinguished reputation creates an expectation of quality, so I walked in with pretty high hopes. (If you don’t want to read the whole review, here’s a quick rundown.)