Chasing the Chashu

Kuroganeya Ramen

Chicken broth ramen with two slices of house special chashu, bonito flakes, soft-boiled egg, black fungus, and green onions

Ramen is one of the foods you can find everywhere in Hong Kong. But ramen with really good chashu? Kuroganeya is my first stop.



LMS2016: Taipei Assassins Loses to Flash Wolves through Desperate Baron Calls

Week 2, Day 2: Friday, January 22

Taipei Assassins vs Flash Wolves, Game 1

Bans  LoL NidaleeLoL ZedLoL Poppy LoL RyzeLoL GangplankLoL Lissandra
Team Gold 64.4k 68.6k
Towers 5 9
Dragons/Barons 1 D / 2 B 2 D / 0 B
Role TPA Pick Kills: 11 Kills:16 Pick FW
Top LoL Gnar Morning 5 2/2/8 9/2/5 6 Rins LoL Fiora
Jng LoL Elise REFRA1N 3 2/4/6 1/2/6 4 Karsa LoL Lee Sin
Mid LoL Corki FoFo 1 3/3/5 0/3/13 2 Maple LoL Lulu
Adc LoL Kalista BeBe  3 4/4/7 6/2/5 4 NL LoL Ezreal
Spt LoL Alistar Jay  5 0/3/10 0/2/15 2 SwordArT LoL Trundle

Taipei Assassins held a slight advantage over Flash Wolves for the first half of the game, but lost it all in a misplaced fight triggered by REFRA1N‘s LoL Elise poor positioning. Rins LoL Fiora got two triple kills in three minutes, TPA made two desperate and poor Baron calls, and the Wolves snowballed the game from there.


LMS2016: Ziv Carries AHQ to First Victory over Flash Wolves

Week 1, Day 1: Thursday, January 14

Flash Wolves vs ahq e-Sports Club, Game 1

FW ahq
Bans Zilean_Square_0Lissandra_Square_0Leblanc_Square_0 LoL GangplankLoL RyzeLoL Kindred
Team Gold 60.2k 70.5k
Towers 2 11
Dragons/Barons 1 D / 0 B 3 D / 1 B
Role FW Pick Kills: 1 Kills: 6 Pick ahq
Top LoL Lulu MMD 1 0/3/0 2/0/3 6 Ziv LoL Tahm Kench
Jng LoL Nidalee Karsa 5 0/0/1 0/1/3 2 Mountain LoL Graves
Mid LoL Ezreal Maple 3 0/2/0 1/0/2 4 Chawy LoL Lux
Adc LoL Lucian Breeze 5 1/1/0 3/0/0 4 AN LoL Kalista
Spt LoL Alistar SwordArT 3 0/0/1 0/0/4 2 Albis LoL Trundle


Ziv LoL Tahm Kench carried ahq to their first season victory over Flash Wolves on Thursday night, shielding his teammates with the massive girth of Tahm Kench.


A Mouthful of Happiness

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Wan Chai’s Lockhart Road, known as a red-light district, is home to Burger Joys, a tiny 24-hour burger joint that proclaims its food to bring happiness. It gets busier as the night wears on, so if you’re looking for some late night food after an evening of recklessness, this is probably a good spot to be.


Down to Chow

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Dumplings Tea & Coffee, aka DTC, opened up in August 2015, but I never noticed it until October because I often passed it when they already closed shop. After trying their classic dumplings once, I have been back many more times to try everything else on the menu – and I might even be considered a regular at this point. Here‘s why I keep going back.