Day 2: January 15

Day 2: Friday, January 15

Midnight Sun e-Sports vs Hong Kong Esports
Game 1; Game 2

ahq e-Sports Club vs Machi17
Game 1; Game 2


Midnight Sun e-Sports vs Hong Kong Esports

Game 1: HKE win

Bans LoL LuluLoL MundoLoL Gangplank LoL HecarimLoL RyzeLoL Shen
Team Gold 52.0k 60.5k
Towers 3 8
Dragons/Barons 0 D / 0 B 4 D / 0 B
Role MSE Pick Kills: 5 Kills:10 Pick HKE
Top LoL Malphite Julian 5 2/3/1 3/2/6 6 MapleSnow LoL Nautilus
Jng LoL Rek'Sai Wulala 3 2/0/2 1/0/7 2 Dinter LoL Kindred
Mid LoL Viktor M1ssion 5 1/1/4 2/1/2 4 Chillyz LoL Ezreal
Adc LoL Ms Fortune Payne 1 0/2/5 3/1/2 4 GodKwai LoL Corki
Spt LoL Trundle SkuLL 3 0/4/5 1/1/7 2 Olleh LoL Alistar

First blood: MapleSnow LoL Nautilus with Dinter LoL Kindred on has slain Julian LoL Malphite at 16:32

Thanks to Dinter, Hong Kong Esports had more vision and objective control. Though two of the three team-fights were very close, HKE still came out on top in objectives overall and gradually built up their lead for a final team-fight and win against Midnight Sun.

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Midnight Sun e-Sports vs Hong Kong Esports

Game 2: HKE win

Bans LoL HecarimLoL ShenLoL Ms Fortune LoL LuluLoL MundoLoL Gangplank
Team Gold 49.8k 34.4k
Towers 10 2
Dragons/Barons 3 D / 1 B 0 D / 0 B
Role HKE Pick Kills: 19 Kills: 2 Pick MSE
Top LoL Ryze MapleSnow 1 1/0/8 4/1/11 6  Julian LoL Malphite
Jng LoL Rek'Sai Dinter 5 1/0/13 5/0/8 2 Wulala LoL Kindred
Mid LoL Ezreal Chillyz 3 6/1/8 6/1/5 4 M1ssion LoL Kassadin
Adc LoL Kalista GodKwai 3 9/0/4 7/1/9 4  Payne LoL Tristana
Spt LoL Thresh Olleh 5 0/3/1 1/0/18 2 SkuLL LoL Alistar

First blood: Olleh LoL Thresh with GodKwai LoL Kalista and Dinter LoL Rek'Sai on has slain SkuLL LoL Alistar at 7:04

HKE pushed confidently into MSE this game, and they had a few close calls with giving First Blood. But after their early two-kill lead, they quickly took dragon and again pressed their advantage for a few more kills and two Rift Heralds. HKE was able to out-rotate MSE for a 20-minute inhibitor.

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ahq e-Sports Club vs Machi17

Game 1: ahq win

M17 ahq
Bans LoL GravesLissandra_Square_0LoL Ryze LoL KindredLoL GangplankLoL Lulu
Team Gold 66.3k 78.3k
Towers 4 11
Dragons/Barons 2 D / 0 B 3 D / 2 B
Role M17 Pick Kills: 8 Kills:13 Pick ahq
Top LoL Trundle BoBo 1 1/2/3 4/2/5 2 Ziv LoL Tahm Kench
Jng LoL Elise Taizan 5 1/2/3 0/1/10 2 Mountain LoL Rek'Sai
Mid LoL Lux Apex 3 2/2/2 3/1/6 6 Chawy LoL Zilean
Adc LoL Kalista LMS OB5 5 3/2/3 4/2/7 4 AN LoL Ezreal
Spt LoL Alistar Dreamer 3 1/5/5 2/2/5 4 Albis LoL Thresh

First blood: Taizan LoL Elise with BoBo LoL Trundle on has slain Ziv LoL Tahm Kench at 5:15

The game stayed fairly even until ahq took their first Baron Nashor. Ahq then snowballed the game from there to a slow but sure victory.

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ahq e-Sports Club vs Machi17

Game 2: ahq win

ahq M17
Bans LoL KindredLoL LuluLoL Alistar LoL FizzLoL GangplankLoL Tahm Kench
Team Gold 82.0k 76.3k
Towers 11 3
Dragons/Barons 1 D / 2 B 4 D / 0 B
Role ahq Pick Kills: 15 Kills: 14 Pick M17
Top LoL Trundle Ziv 1 5/1/8 1/3/5 6 Bobo LoL Poppy
Jng LoL Graves Mountain 3 2/4/6 4/2/7 2 Taizan LoL Rek'Sai
Mid LoL Diana Westdoor 5 5/3/6 5/3/4 2 Apex LoL Lissandra
Adc LoL Ezreal AN 3 3/3/8 2/3/8 4 LMS OB5 LoL Ms Fortune
Spt LoL Braum Albis 5 0/3/7 2/4/11 4 Dreamer LoL Nautilus

First blood: Apex LoL Lissandra with Dreamer LoL Nautilus and Taizan LoL Rek'Sai on has slain Westdoor LoL Diana at 7:31

Machi was able to stay pretty far ahead of ahq for the first half of the game, as Taizan‘s ganks on bottom lane resulted in early kills and a dragon, while Mountain‘s ganks on Bobo were neutralized by Bobo‘s ultimate, Keeper’s Verdict. However, Machi completely flopped when they clustered to kill the Baron Nashor: Apex lost a quarter of his health from Baron’s auto attacks, and Dreamer was back behind Baron when the team-fight began. Ziv‘s Pillar of Ice trapped Machi in the Baron pit while AN poked them with substantial damage; Dreamer used his Depth Charge on Westdoor, which was countered with Zhonya’s Hourglass. Apex was chased out and killed by Ziv, while AN was free to attack Machi from the side. Ahq was then able to ace Machi and finish off the Baron, evening out the game. At around 35 minutes, Machi started a team-fight in a jungle path, bottlenecking themselves and losing all but Bobo. From there, the game was all ahq’s.

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