Day 1: January 14

Day 1: Thursday, January 14

Flash Wolves vs ahq e-Sports Club
Game 1; Game 2

Cougar eSports vs Hong Kong Esports
Game 1; Game 2


Flash Wolves vs ahq e-Sports Club

Game 1: ahq win

FW ahq
Bans Zilean_Square_0Lissandra_Square_0Leblanc_Square_0 LoL GangplankLoL RyzeLoL Kindred
Team Gold 60.2k 70.5k
Towers 2 11
Dragons/Barons 1 D / 0 B 3 D / 1 B
Role FW Pick Kills: 1 Kills: 6 Pick ahq
Top LoL Lulu MMD 1 0/3/0 2/0/3 6 Ziv LoL Tahm Kench
Jng LoL Nidalee Karsa 5 0/0/1 0/1/3 2 Mountain LoL Graves
Mid LoL Ezreal Maple 3 0/2/0 1/0/2 4 Chawy LoL Lux
Adc LoL Lucian Breeze 5 1/1/0 3/0/0 4 AN LoL Kalista
Spt LoL Alistar SwordArT 3 0/0/1 0/0/4 2 Albis LoL Trundle

First blood: Mountain LoL Graves with Ziv LoL Tahm Kench on has slain MMD LoL Lulu at 3:37

Ziv carried ahq to their first season victory over Flash Wolves, shielding his teammates with the massive girth of Tahm Kench.

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Flash Wolves vs ahq e-Sports Club

Game 2: ahq win

ahq FW
Bans LoL AzirLoL KindredLoL Lulu LoL GangplankLoL RyzeLoL Fizz
Team Gold 62.0k 49.3k
Towers 10 3
Dragons/Barons 2 D / 1 B 1 D / 0 B
Role ahq Pick Kills: 17 Kills: 11 Pick FW
Top LoL Tahm Kench Ziv 5 2/3/10 0/2/9 6 MMD LoL Nautilus
Jng LoL Graves Mountain 3 8/2/7 2/4/5 4 Karsa LoL Elise
Mid LoL Lissandra Westdoor 1 3/2/5 3/3/5 2 Maple LoL Zed
Adc LoL Ezreal AN 5 3/1/9 5/5/3 2 Breeze LoL Kalista
Spt LoL Alistar Albis 3 1/3/14 1/3/7 4 SwordArT LoL Morgana

First blood: Mountain LoL Graves with AN LoL Ezreal and Albis LoL Alistar on has slain SwordArT LoL Morgana at 3:33

This game saw much more action, with ganks all over the map from both teams. Mountain’s ganks were more effective overall, while Karsa was far more reckless, chasing kills deep under turrets. Flash Wolves had a couple of big shutdowns, but Mountain’s constant map pressure from his early-game ganks were too much for them to recover, even after sweeping ahq in a 5-0 teamfight.

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Cougar eSports vs Hong Kong Esports

Game 1: HKE win

Bans LoL LeblancLoL RyzeLoL Trundle LoL QuinnLoL GangplankLoL Kindred
Team Gold 63.7k 46.0k
Towers 9 0
Dragons/Barons 3 D / 1 B 0 D / 0 B
Role HKE Pick Kills: 21 Kills: 2 Pick CGE
Top LoL Nautilus MapleSnow 5 6/0/10 1/4/1 4 AJun LoL Lissandra
Jng LoL Mundo Dinter 1 2/0/10 0/5/0 4 SpeaR LoL Graves
Mid LoL Lulu Chillyz 3 6/1/11 1/3/1 6 KuKu LoL Syndra
Adc LoL Ms Fortune GodKwai 3 7/1/7 0/4/1 2 Rabi2 LoL Ezreal
Spt LoL Janna Olleh 5 0/0/11 0/5/1 2 Never LoL Alistar

First blood: MapleSnow LoL Nautilus with Dinter LoL Mundo on has slain AJun LoL Lissandra at 6:19

MapleSnow muscled his way into Cougar all game, anchoring a first victory for HK Esports.

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Cougar eSports vs Hong Kong Esports

Game 2: HKE win

Bans LoL RyzeLoL NautilusLoL Kindred LoL LeblancLoL GangplankLoL Mundo
Team Gold 40.8k 59.0k
Towers 0 11
Dragons/Barons 0 D / 0 B 3 D / 0 B
Role CGE Pick Kills: 3 Kills: 23 Pick HKE
Top LoL Irelia AJun 5 1/6/0 4/1/11 2  MapleSnow LoL Lulu
Jng LoL Gragas SpeaR 3 0/7/2 5/0/8 4 Dinter LoL Rek'Sai
Mid LoL Ekko KuKu 3 0/2/0 6/1/5 2 Chillyz  LoL Ezreal
Adc LoL Ms Fortune Rabi2 5 2/5/1 7/1/9 6  GodKwai LoL Corki
Spt LoL Alistar Never 1 0/3/1 1/0/18 4 Olleh LoL Janna

First blood: Rabi2 LoL Ms Fortune with Never LoL Alistar and SpeaR LoL Gragas on has slain GodKwai LoL Corki at 5:17

Though Cougar started off ahead with a first blood kill, HK Esports had a highly mobile team composition with better disengage in their team composition and slipped through their fingers. Cougar’s positioning was highly lacking, and Dinter’s global presence often caught Cougar off-guard, which helped clinch a second win for HKES this season.

HKES also took an inhibitor turret at 21:28, a good sign of a steamroll.

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