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LMS2016: AHQ Defends Undefeated Streak vs Midnight Sun

Week 4, Day 2: Thursday, February 4

ahq e-Sports Club vs Midnight Sun e-Sports, Game 1

ahq MSE
Bans LoL KassadinLoL ViktorLoL Elise LoL FizzLoL Tahm KenchLoL Twisted Fate
Team Gold 56.8k 52.7k
Towers 7 4
Dragons/Barons 0 D / 0 B 3 D / 0 B
Role ahq Pick Kills: 10 Kills: 6 Pick MSE
Top LoL Trundle Ziv 5 2/0/4 0/2/2 4 Ninuo LoL Poppy
Jng LoL Graves Mountain 3 4/1/6 1/2/2 4 Wulala LoL Rek'Sai
Mid LoL Lulu Westdoor 3 1/1/7 1/1/0 2 M1ssion LoL Corki
Adc LoL Lucian AN 5 3/3/6 3/3/1 2 CorGi LoL Kalista
Spt LoL Alistar Albis 1  0/1/7  1/2/4 6 Kaiwing LoL Thresh

Midnight Sun had a strong start to the game by picking up more kills and dragons than ahq, but were unable to stay ahead and lost their lead in a poorly-chosen mid-game fight.



LMS2016: Taipei Assassins Loses to Flash Wolves through Desperate Baron Calls

Week 2, Day 2: Friday, January 22

Taipei Assassins vs Flash Wolves, Game 1

Bans  LoL NidaleeLoL ZedLoL Poppy LoL RyzeLoL GangplankLoL Lissandra
Team Gold 64.4k 68.6k
Towers 5 9
Dragons/Barons 1 D / 2 B 2 D / 0 B
Role TPA Pick Kills: 11 Kills:16 Pick FW
Top LoL Gnar Morning 5 2/2/8 9/2/5 6 Rins LoL Fiora
Jng LoL Elise REFRA1N 3 2/4/6 1/2/6 4 Karsa LoL Lee Sin
Mid LoL Corki FoFo 1 3/3/5 0/3/13 2 Maple LoL Lulu
Adc LoL Kalista BeBe  3 4/4/7 6/2/5 4 NL LoL Ezreal
Spt LoL Alistar Jay  5 0/3/10 0/2/15 2 SwordArT LoL Trundle

Taipei Assassins held a slight advantage over Flash Wolves for the first half of the game, but lost it all in a misplaced fight triggered by REFRA1N‘s LoL Elise poor positioning. Rins LoL Fiora got two triple kills in three minutes, TPA made two desperate and poor Baron calls, and the Wolves snowballed the game from there.


LMS2016: Ziv Carries AHQ to First Victory over Flash Wolves

Week 1, Day 1: Thursday, January 14

Flash Wolves vs ahq e-Sports Club, Game 1

FW ahq
Bans Zilean_Square_0Lissandra_Square_0Leblanc_Square_0 LoL GangplankLoL RyzeLoL Kindred
Team Gold 60.2k 70.5k
Towers 2 11
Dragons/Barons 1 D / 0 B 3 D / 1 B
Role FW Pick Kills: 1 Kills: 6 Pick ahq
Top LoL Lulu MMD 1 0/3/0 2/0/3 6 Ziv LoL Tahm Kench
Jng LoL Nidalee Karsa 5 0/0/1 0/1/3 2 Mountain LoL Graves
Mid LoL Ezreal Maple 3 0/2/0 1/0/2 4 Chawy LoL Lux
Adc LoL Lucian Breeze 5 1/1/0 3/0/0 4 AN LoL Kalista
Spt LoL Alistar SwordArT 3 0/0/1 0/0/4 2 Albis LoL Trundle


Ziv LoL Tahm Kench carried ahq to their first season victory over Flash Wolves on Thursday night, shielding his teammates with the massive girth of Tahm Kench.


League of Legends Lunar New Year Event Lacks Ram Ward Skins

League of Legends has introduced a full set of goodies purchasable in the game store, with three new themed character skins, two summoner icons, and a ward skin.

Unlike the previous two events, however, the ward skin has nothing to do with this year’s zodiac animal, the ram. The years of the horse and snake both have ward skins with their respective animals, but this year’s ward skin is a “Firecracker” ward skin, which is a dragon head instead.

The three new character skins are Warring Kingdoms Nidalee and Katarina for 975 RP each, and Firecracker Jinx for 1350 RP. The Firecracker summoner icon, which depicts a dragon head, is purchasable from the store for 450 RP, while the Year of the Goat summoner icon is only available for players who gift mystery gifts to other players.

Skins and bundles from previous Lunar New Year events are also made available in the game store for the duration of this year’s event, and a special game mode, Nemesis Draft, is playable until February 23.

League of Legends Worlds SK’s Svenskeren suspension

Pro LoL player angers many with racially-charged handle

A professional e-sports player changed his username to a racist slur, angering natives and non-locals. Dennis Johnsen, more widely known as “Svenskeren”, was invited to play with his team “SK Gaming” in Taipei, Taiwan as part of the League of Legends World Championships. SK Gaming is based in Europe, and plays mainly on the EU West servers.

On the Taiwanese servers, Johnsen changed his handle from “Jo_Denn” to “Taipeichingchong”, inciting outrage from ethnically East-Asian players and fans from not only Taiwan, but all over the world.

The words “ching chong” have long been regarded as insulting and disrespectful by Asian immigrants. They have been used to bully ethnic Asians, especially in communities where they are a small minority.

Upon discovering the new handle, many people immediately petitioned Riot, the creator of League of Legends, to ban Johnsen for his behaviour, calling it “racist” and “discriminatory”. Johnsen has since apologised for his actions, and has altered his name once again. He is now playing as “SvenskerenOxO”.

This is not the first instance where Johnsen has used inflammatory and insensitive language. Several months ago, he was reported to have typed anti-semitic insults in a post-game chat screen, and many others who have played with or against him have mentioned that he is “toxic”.

The World Championships competition is divided into four groups, with four teams each group. SK Gaming is the third seed in their group. They will compete against Team SoloMid, StarHorn Royal Club, and Taipei Assassins. This group will begin their competition starting September 18. The winners will advance to the quarterfinal round, which will be held in Busan, Korea starting October 3.

Update: Svenskeren fined and suspended from Worlds

Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen has been fined and suspended by Riot Games from his first three World Championship games in Taiwan. His team, “SK Gaming”, issued an official apology yesterday, but took no actions against Johnsen.

According to a release from Riot today, Johnsen attended a cultural sensitivity briefing upon arriving in Taiwan, but still created the username “Taipeichingchong”. He has violated the rule on discrimination, and has been fined a total of US$2500.

Johnsen plays in the jungling position for SK Gaming. SK will need to find a replacement for Johnsen, as their competition begins on Thursday.

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