In the United States, I am Chinese-American, but in Hong Kong, I am American-Chinese. This site was originally created to explore Hong Kong from my American-born Chinese eyes, so the site was named “HKABC.” I’ve decided to keep the URL.

I am a San Franciscan first-generation American now living in Hong Kong. I have previously written for South China Morning Post’s HK Magazine as the reporter and culture editor.

Having received my BA in Music and Society from Carnegie Mellon University in 2013, I moved to HK shortly after graduation. During my stay here, I have been tutoring students in the English language and teaching violoncello, music theory, and beginning violin. I also have an MA in international journalism from Hong Kong Baptist University.

I am most interested in music, video games, sports, and technology. I enjoy listening to, playing, and creating music, painting custom designs on phone cases, playing with gadgets, and eating lemon tarts in my spare time. I love watching hockey and am a pretty big fan of the San Jose Sharks. I also have a thing for tricolons, chiasmi, and Oxford commas.


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