Yuan Yang: Mediocre and Overpriced

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The opening of the freshly renovated Lee Tung Avenue in Wan Chai came with a lot of new restaurants, one of which was Yuan Yang. If you’re familiar with the popular chain Tsui Wah, you’ll know that it’s a glorified cha chaan teng, aka tea cafe. Yuan Yang is just a glorified Tsui Wah with even fancier decorations and an even pricier menu. Though they have lunch sets, they currently lack dinner sets, so everything must be ordered a la carte if you’re not here for lunch. That means you have to pay in full for their premiumly-priced dishes. Was it worth it?

I ordered two “recommended” dishes from the menu: a Chicken Barley Soup for $48 and a Yuan Yang Nissin Noodles for $42. The noodles included scallions, tomatoes, coriander, and there was an option to add egg with luncheon meat or ham for $20. I’d like to note that a typical cha chaan teng charges about $30 for a Nissin with all of these toppings, and usually includes a hot drink. As these were recommended items, I had high expectations.

First came the soup. The stock and broth were definitely made in-house and tasted pretty good, but there was barely any barley or chicken at the bottom. Not very exciting. The hot dinner roll and fat slice of butter was nice, but nothing to write home about.

Then came the noodles. The Nissin noodles were overcooked and too soft. The soup was just the usual MSG pack. The “Yuan Yang” part of the dish was simply the fact that you had red and green in the bowl, red from tomato and green from the scallions and coriander. This should be a simple dish, and somehow they couldn’t make it taste good.

I’ve never been more disappointed in my life. Nothing tasted particularly bad, but the noodles were so soft that I couldn’t finish it. The service was only okay: It wasn’t good enough to warrant the 10% service charge.

I’m never going back there again. It’s definitely not worth such a high price. Their lunch sets might be priced better, but for all I know, if they can’t even get a simple Nissin noodle right, they can’t make anything else.



Parameter Score
Chicken Barley Soup 3/5
Yuan Yang Nissin Noodles 2/5
Overall Food 3/5
Service 3/5
Cleanliness 4/5
Environment 4/5
Menu Cost ($$) 1/5
Total Score 2/5

Menu Pricing

Appetizers $68-88
Noodles (excluding Yuan Yang Nissin) $88-108
Rice $88-108
Fusion entrees $88-198
Desserts $62-72
Coca-Cola/Sprite $24, other drinks are $32-56

Yuan Yang
Shop G28 & G29
G/F, Lee Tung Avenue (facing Spring Garden Lane)
200 Queen’s Road East
Wan Chai, Hong Kong


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