LMS2016: Taipei Assassins Loses to Flash Wolves through Desperate Baron Calls

Week 2, Day 2: Friday, January 22

Taipei Assassins vs Flash Wolves, Game 1

Bans  LoL NidaleeLoL ZedLoL Poppy LoL RyzeLoL GangplankLoL Lissandra
Team Gold 64.4k 68.6k
Towers 5 9
Dragons/Barons 1 D / 2 B 2 D / 0 B
Role TPA Pick Kills: 11 Kills:16 Pick FW
Top LoL Gnar Morning 5 2/2/8 9/2/5 6 Rins LoL Fiora
Jng LoL Elise REFRA1N 3 2/4/6 1/2/6 4 Karsa LoL Lee Sin
Mid LoL Corki FoFo 1 3/3/5 0/3/13 2 Maple LoL Lulu
Adc LoL Kalista BeBe  3 4/4/7 6/2/5 4 NL LoL Ezreal
Spt LoL Alistar Jay  5 0/3/10 0/2/15 2 SwordArT LoL Trundle

Taipei Assassins held a slight advantage over Flash Wolves for the first half of the game, but lost it all in a misplaced fight triggered by REFRA1N‘s LoL Elise poor positioning. Rins LoL Fiora got two triple kills in three minutes, TPA made two desperate and poor Baron calls, and the Wolves snowballed the game from there.

The game began evenly, but Taipei Assassins destroyed the first inner turret in top lane at 8:03, which put them slightly ahead of Flash Wolves. Rins tried to split-push the top lane and push back, but Morning LoL Gnar was able to clear the large wave of minions before TPA’s top inner turret fell, so TPA attempted to take the Rift Herald.

Flash Wolves began moving towards the Rift Herald, and Karsa LoL Lee Sin was able to land a Sonic Wave onto Jay LoL Alistar. Karsa made a dash to Jay and kicked him behind the Baron pit, but BeBe LoL Kalista picked Jay back up with Fate’s Call. Jay threw himself into Karsa and Rins, but still died to Karsa for a First Blood kill at 11:50.

After failing to kill anyone, BeBe and REFRA1N still took the Rift Herald. TPA killed the first dragon shortly after.

At 17:30, the two teams crowded around the Rift Herald for a second time. This time, as TPA began attacking the Herald, Karsa landed a Sonic Wave onto REFRA1N, who promptly Rappelled. SwordArT LoL Trundle also joined the fray from the river but flashed back to his team to retreat, taking heavy damage from BeBe. Rins began teleporting into the pit as TPA continued chasing SwordArT, NL LoL Ezreal, and Maple LoL Lulu, but Karsa remained separated from their team as TPA collapsed onto SwordArT. NL fired off a Trueshot Barrage from the side, but didn’t hit anyone. Morning also began teleporting into the fight.

Karsa had dashed to BeBe and dealt damage that chunked out nearly three-quarters of his health, but still had to flash out from taking heavy damage. Karsa kicked Morning into Maple right as Morning was jumping and morphing from Gnar to Mega Gnar. Because Morning had jumped, Karsa was unable to kick him into Jay and BeBe. NL attempted to chase REFRA1N, who had less than 150 health points left, but was stunned by a cocoon and taken down just as swiftly. By the time Rins joined the fight, Maple, NL, and SwordArT were already dead; he was able to clean REFRA1N and BeBe up, but still died to Morning‘s boomerang at last. Karsa was able to sneak out of the fight alive.

TPA continued to take the mid outer turret and the Rift Herald before retreating. Flash Wolves took a dragon in response.

TPA and Flash Wolves continued rotating around the map until around 25 minutes: REFRA1N got greedy with clearing wards and overextended his reach. He received a Sonic Wave to the face and was booted with a Dragon’s Rage into the hands of SwordArT. Though TPA was able to collapse onto Karsa and kill him, NL finished REFRA1N off with a Trueshot Barrage. TPA continued to engage the Wolves, but Rins came in from behind TPA and took down FoFo LoL Corki, BeBe, and Morning for a triple kill. TPA’s 3k gold lead was no more.

In a desperate move, TPA tried to steal away Baron Nashor at 26:57, but were spotted quickly. Karsa kicked FoFo into the Flash Wolves, and FoFo immediately had to Valkyrie into the Baron pit to avoid the dog pile. Though BeBe was able to finish off Baron, FoFo was sniped out by NL. BeBe killed NL and SwordArT in the pit just as Rins entered the fray. Rins was Headbutted out of the pit, but Lunged back in to kill off BeBe, REFRA1N, and Jay for another triple kill. At this point, Rins has 8 kills to one death.

Flash Wolves pushed all three lanes and pressured TPA into a siege, eventually taking the inhibitor turret in TPA’s mid lane. TPA was able to push the Wolves out of their base by killing Karsa, and rushed to take Baron Nashor down. They were able to finish it off just as the four Wolves arrived, and Rins killed FoFo in with the help of Maple‘s Wild Growth. Though BeBe was able to take Rins down, NL finished off Jay, REFRA1N, BeBe, and Morning.

With TPA aced out, Flash Wolves ended the game swiftly.

Week 2; Day 2

Full Match Statistics


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