Squiddershins: Tick Tock Isle

Indie Spotlight: Squiddershins

Welcome to our first Indie Spotlight! We’ll be talking about Squiddershins, an indie game dev duo that makes adorable and fun casual games for all ages. They take fairly simple puzzle ideas that often require have creative solutions.

They often collaborate with other composers and programmers, and have a whole host of short games that are “pay what you want” on itch.io. Several of them are the products of game jams and competitions.

One of their first games is Cat Poke, a game all about poking each of your cats around the house. They’ve got an HD version for mobile as well. The premise is really simple: You’re stuck at home on a rainy day, you’ve got nine cats, and you’ve just gotta poke each and every one of them. They’ve all got personalities, and knowing them will help you find them.

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I haven’t played the mobile version, but the desktop version is too damn cute. And when you get all of them, the devs poke you with a little “tee hee” moment.

Another silly game they’ve released is Excuse Me. You’re Peter Le Pétomane, a flatulent man at a restaurant who needs to release the pressure in secrecy. As a person who enjoys fart and poop jokes shamelessly, I enjoyed this game – I was giggling at the farts the entire time.

But for those of you who prefer games with a little more danger, you can also find games like Jables’s Adventure, in which a young boy named Jables adventures through a world of burrowing cacti, bears, and a squid that attaches to his head.

Squiddershins recently released Tick Tock Isle, a game where you, Strike, are sent on a mission to fix a clock. Just like in Cat Poke, you run around, pick things up, poke things, and see if it works. It’s a much more complex than that, though – you somehow get sent to the past and end up having to also fix the dysfunctional family that’s supposed to take care of the clock through character interaction and development.

I’ve only played the demo, and it’s already a whole lot of fun. They’ve released it on itch.io, Steam, and Humble Games.

If you enjoy short, silly, and lighthearted games, keep your eye on Squiddershins – I’m willing to bet they’ll be putting out more goodies soon.


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