A Mouthful of Happiness

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Wan Chai’s Lockhart Road, known as a red-light district, is home to Burger Joys, a tiny 24-hour burger joint that proclaims its food to bring happiness. It gets busier as the night wears on, so if you’re looking for some late night food after an evening of recklessness, this is probably a good spot to be.

I ordered a cheeseburger combo, which included fries and a drink. The drink was either a soft drink or a half-pint of San Miguel, so naturally I went for the beer. I also upgraded my fries to the California-style garlic fries.

My eating companion ordered the Signature Double Cheese Burger combo, and also got the beer. For the fries, he decided to try the Truffle Fries.

It turns out that the sauce in the burger is a bit spicy – flavorful, but there’s a kick of capsaicin. When I told them I couldn’t eat spicy food, they replaced my burger with a sauceless one and gave me some ketchup and mayonnaise to make my own. It did take me two tries though, as the first person I talked to said “okay” and walked off with no real solution to the issue. He probably forgot about the incident as he walked away. The second person I talked to immediately asked the kitchen for a new one without sauce.

The burger itself was okay – lightly buttered and toasted bun, a slice of American cheese, a medium-well patty, a couple slices of tomato and pickle, and some lettuce. Pretty typical fare. My eating companion had pretty much the same reaction with his Signature Double.

The garlic fries were thinly frenched, crunchy, and not super greasy. The copious amounts of raw minced garlic on the tray of fries definitely made it worth the upgrade. The truffle fries, on the other hand, had truffle shavings on them, but didn’t really taste anything special. The flavor must have been too subtle for my taste buds. The fries were still well-fried, though, so at least they were still fresh and crunchy.

One thing that kind of bothers me about the shop is that their music has nothing to do with the music videos they play. I enjoy their mixes just fine, but the videos on the bar screen are kind of confusing. But the meal we had was decent enough to warrant another visit. I’ll be trying their sweet potato fries and milkshakes the next time I’m there.


Parameter Score
Cheese Burger 4/5
California-style Garlic Fries 5/5
Signature Double Cheese Burger 4/5
Truffle Fries 3/5
Overall Food 4/5
Service 4/5
Cleanliness 4/5
Environment 3/5
Washroom N/A
Menu Cost ($$) 3/5
Total Score 4/5

Menu Pricing

Burgers range from $78 to $138, extra toppings at $12 each.
Combo of a drink and regular fries, add $30. Upgrades are up to $30 more.
Fries and sides range from $48 to $58.
Wings (Classic Buffalo, Crispy Garlic, Cajun) $48 for 6, or $88 for 12.

Burger Joys: Happiness You Can Taste
Shop E, G/F, De Fenwick
42-50 Lockhart Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong
+852 2787 1288

Open 24 hours


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