Big Bite, Sorry Service

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On Friday, April 3rd, I thought to grab a burger and poutine for dinner at The Big Bite in North Point. The Big Bite is a Canada-themed burger joint with buffalo wings, hot dogs, and a fairly extensive craft beer selection.

I ordered a CBC (Crispy Bacon Cheese) Burger with extra mushrooms, and a mushroom poutine with a soft drink.

It’s pretty difficult to get fresh solid cheese curds that are decently priced in Hong Kong, so they do a pretty good job of the poutine even without the curds. The fries are great, as the ends stay crunchy even after they’ve cooled off, and the gravy is flavourful.

The burgers weren’t anything special. All the patties are well done, but they’re pretty juicy. The bread is alright, the lettuce is fresh, and the tomato is sweet. If you get a burger with bacon, the “bacon” is actually Canadian bacon, so if you don’t keep those maple leaves in mind you’ll be disappointed to see ham in your burger. The extra mushrooms come with the poutine gravy – they didn’t even bother making fresh mushrooms for the burger.

The burgers come with the “standard” toppings – which you aren’t asked about when ordering. Nothing on the menu even mentions what the standard toppings are. This means that you’re going to get pickles, relish, and jalapenos on your burger. That’s great if you love all of these things – not so great if, like me, you don’t eat spicy food. I was not pleased to find jalapenos in my burger.

This brings me to their service. Because I didn’t want jalapenos and I didn’t know they came with every burger, I went up and complained about the peppers. Their response was that it was standard and that anyone who didn’t want them could tell them not to put it in. Well, I’d never had burgers with them before, so I had no idea that they came standard, so I said as much and they offered to remove the peppers. Great, right? Well, the sauce was still spicy after soaking up jalapeno juice, so I asked for a new burger, as I couldn’t eat it. After escalating the issue three times, I finally got a new CBC burger – this time without mushrooms. At this point I was fed up and didn’t want to bother asking for my mushrooms; it wasn’t worth the trouble.

The table service is pretty bad, too. The workers don’t bus the tables when customers are finished and gone, so when new guests arrive, they stand around waiting for a clean table – and get frustrated enough to stack it themselves so they can sit down. Sure, we are supposed to seat ourselves and get our own things, but there is no indication within the premises to bus our own tables, so naturally nobody buses their stuff. Still, the workers don’t clean the tables and stand around behind the counter with nothing to do between orders.

The establishment has a high ceiling and narrow opening, so these acoustics make the front of the restaurant is very loud. Their wooden tables and benches are nice, though. The overall environment of the restaurant is a good casual feel, so if you’re looking for laid-back mediocre food without any expectation of service, this wouldn’t be a bad place to be.



Parameter Score
CBC Burger with extra mushrooms 3/5
Mushroom Poutine 4/5
Overall Food 3/5
Service 1/5
Cleanliness 3/5
Environment 3/5
Washroom 3/5
Menu Cost ($) 3/5
Total Score 3/5


The Big Bite
Shop 4B, G/F, Kar Fu Building
196 – 202 Java Road
North Point, Hong Kong
+852 6979 9690

Lunch: 12:00 – 15:00
Dinner: 17:00 – 23:00


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