League of Legends Lunar New Year Event Lacks Ram Ward Skins

League of Legends has introduced a full set of goodies purchasable in the game store, with three new themed character skins, two summoner icons, and a ward skin.

Unlike the previous two events, however, the ward skin has nothing to do with this year’s zodiac animal, the ram. The years of the horse and snake both have ward skins with their respective animals, but this year’s ward skin is a “Firecracker” ward skin, which is a dragon head instead.

The three new character skins are Warring Kingdoms Nidalee and Katarina for 975 RP each, and Firecracker Jinx for 1350 RP. The Firecracker summoner icon, which depicts a dragon head, is purchasable from the store for 450 RP, while the Year of the Goat summoner icon is only available for players who gift mystery gifts to other players.

Skins and bundles from previous Lunar New Year events are also made available in the game store for the duration of this year’s event, and a special game mode, Nemesis Draft, is playable until February 23.


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