Internet in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s  population lies at about 7.23 million as of the provisional mid-year census at the Demographic Statistics Section of the Census and Statistics Department. Among these people, there are about 2.43 million domestic households, averaging to about 3  people per household.

81.9 %  of these households have personal computers at home as of 2013, up from 80.0% in 2012, so if the percentage of households with PCs continues to increase by 2.38%, this year Hong Kong should have about 83.8% households with PCs. This amounts to approximately 2.04 million households with PCs, which translates to around 6.12 million people with PCs at home.

77.9% of households (out of 80%) had an internet connection in 2012, which is 97.4% of the households with PCs. This increased to 79.9% of households with internet connections in 2013, or 97.6% of the households with PCs. Assuming the percentage of Hong Kong households with internet connections will stay constant, there should be approximately 2.00 million households with an internet connection, or 6.00 million people.

Hong Kong is very well connected, and information is passed quickly and freely throughout the city. The internet is definitely one of the things that are crucial to the modern Hong Kong lifestyle; even the elderly have smartphones with data plans. This means that a larger percentage of Hong Kong households than American have an internet connection at home. It seems that Hong Kong adapts and even embraces new technology more quickly and easily than America; it is  no wonder that new tech is brought to Hong Kong before America gets a taste!

To further compare, a one-year contract for fiber-optic cable with a connection speed of 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) costs HK$338 per month, whereas the fastest fiber-optic connection is at 500 Mbps costing US$299.99 per month (plus fees), but on a two-year contract. That converts to approximately HK$2324.92 per month. As a result, there are far fewer people in the States with a fast and stable connection, because their network companies charge much higher fees.



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rice in HK:  PCCW netvigator Fiber-to-the-Home
Price in US: Verizon FiOS


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  1. Good research! Yeah, Hong Kong is more connected with fast connection and a lot of wifi hot spot. The problem is that most of them are not free for the general public. Without a data plan, one still has to rely on places like the McDonald. Government, or more businesses should open up free wifi access points for everyone.


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